Restaurant Diližansa


Diližansa restaurant is located in the heart of Novi Sad, in the street Zmaj Jovina 28, in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe.

The restaurant has two beautiful rooms, decorated in the French style.
Lower room that serves as a cafe restaurant has 40 seats, suitable for all our guests who come with the intention to keep short period.
The upper hall has 50 seats, which is also a special hall with 10 seats, for those of you who want to enjoy with your friends separate from all, in an exceptional environment where you can have lunch or dinner.

The restaurant has a beautiful garden with 50 seats where you can enjoy, and spend your moments in the center of the most beautiful town on the Danube. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are reserved for tambourine music and the best time with the best cuisine and fine wines.

The restaurant Diližansa ambiance
The restaurant Diližansa specialty

In our rich menu you can find pasta, risotto, grilled to order, grilled meat, lamb, veal, several kinds of steaks, fillets, and a variety of specialties, as well as food that is tailored to vegetarians.
And in agreement with our wonderful staff, we can fulfill any wish and as far as the special needs of persons who are allergic or not to consume a certain type of food.

Cooperate only with the best suppliers who provide us with fresh and quality products, which are prepared on the spot just for you.

The concept of the restaurant is based on the Slow Food (slower prepared food) with a lot of quality ingredients, and beautifully decorated plates, and of course healthy and fresh products. In our restaurant, you always can call the chef and in consultation with him to choose a dish, and get the information exactly how it was prepared.

Our professional staff is made of the highest quality people and selected specifically for this type of restaurant, a lot of experience, energy, charisma, kindness, and there are at your service.
The biggest gain for us and you is that you will visit us, and you'll try our specialties.
Come, enjoy, we are sure that you will come out with a smile on his face and back again, and our excellent staff is at your service.

Sincerely Restaurant Diližansa team.